Monday, November 15, 2021

Irish Mob boss “Mr Flashy” - David Glen Ward - Gucci Gang finished

The Gucci Gang was on the radar of gardaí since 2018.
‘Mr Flashy’ is a gangster in Dublin who formed the 'Gucci Gang'. Reports say it is no more as key members have either been arrested or are dead. The mob boss fell out with the Kinahan cartel after repeated gang feuds. His former bosses in the Kinahan gang sent a hitman to Ireland to kill him. ‘Mr Flashy’ was handed a Garda Information Message (GIM) - a form officially notifying him of a credible threat to his life. Once one of Dublin’s most dangerous criminals, Flashy is said to be hiding from a rival gang, using street kids to do his work, and is effectively alone. The gang feuds have sparked at least half a dozen violent incidents in Dublin. Mohammed Smew, Scott Capper, Caolan Smith and Mr. Flashy.
Patrick Caslin, 26, was recently shot in the head.There is no confirmation of who "Mr. Flashy" is. The internet suggests his name is David Glen Ward. Recently a mob of women stormed a house to attack the ex-partner of Mr Flashy. The victim was beaten with hammers, golf clubs and even socks filled with snooker balls.
David Glen Ward -