Sunday, April 4, 2021

Irish Mob boss “Mr Flashy”

The Gucci Gang has been on the radar of gardaí since 2018. ‘Mr Flashy’ is a gangster in Dublin. He fell out with the Kinahan cartel and formed the 'Gucci Gang'. One of Dublin’s most dangerous criminals, Flashy was arrested last week in a cocaine bust. Its thought rivals received word he had a significant amount of cocaine and informed gardaí. There are fears of more gang conflict. ‘Mr Flashy’ was handed a Garda Information Message (GIM) - a form officially notifying him of a credible threat to his life. His former bosses in the Kinahan gang turned against him – and sent a hitman to Ireland to kill him.
The cartel is angry as Flashy has become involved in a bitter gang feud that has left five men dead – and is bringing more Garda heat to their drug network.