Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Pornhub Feras Antoon's $19m Montreal mansion up in smoke - update III

Feras Antoon, 46, is a Syrian immigrant

David Tassillo
CEO Feras Antoon and COO David Tassillo have resigned after more than a decade running Pornhub. Their exit comes after The New Yorker released a scathing story about the company. The New Yorker story chronicled the heartbreaking plight of a 15-year-old UK girl struggling to have explicit videos removed from the company's websites that were uploaded without her consent. The porn merchant's response? "Instead, they chose to ignore the fact that MindGeek has more comprehensive and effective policies than any other major platform on the internet, and decided to peddle the same gross mischaracterizations that anti-porn extremists have spewed for decades."

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There have been no arrests in the arson of the mansion of Feras Antoon.
The $19m Montreal mansion of PornHub founder Feras Antoon was destroyed by fire only three days after he put it up for sale.
"Could the extreme religious groups have incited and encouraged someone to do this? Absolutely."
It took 80 firefighters three hours to get the fire under control. It began inside the mansion. Pornhub faced strong backlash over the site showing videos of child abuse and nonconsensual sex. The site eventually removed a majority of its content — millions of explicit videos.
For years victims of child porn, revenge porn, rape and sexual assault said that Pornhub ruined their lives.