Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Raynald Desjardins returned to jail

Raynald Desjardins lasted a little over a month before being returned to jail for breach of conditions. Desjardin's release was suspended because he associated with Jean-Charles Denommé, a drug dealer who was out on the same type of release. Denommé, alias "The Tooth Fairy", is the right hand of infamous Hells Angels sympathizer Marc-André Lachance.
Salvatore Montagna hours before his murder
Jean-Charles Denommé Desjardin was released from Cowansville penitentiary on April 19 after serving two thirds of his sentence. Desjardins had been sentenced to 14 years for plotting the murder of Salvatore Montagna in 2011. Cops say Desjardins is at loggerheads with the new generation of the Rizzuto clan, led by Leonardo Rizzuto, and Stefano Sollecito.
Since his incarceration in late 2011, at least a dozen people associated with Desjardin have been murdered, including his brother-in-law Joe Di Maulo in 2012, Gaétan Gosselin in 2013, and his older brother, Jacques Desjardins in 2017. Desjardins was the target of a murder plot in 2015. Maurice "Mom" Boucher and gang leader Gregory Woolley were implicated. Stefano Sollecito and Vito Rizzuto in 2013.
Brian James Marriott, Head of Spryfield MOB Desjardins recruited new henchmen from a penitentiary in the Maritimes. Spryfield MOB is a street gang that has been active for 2 decades. When boss James Marriott left prison, he moved to Montreal. Other gangsters followed him.

Cops believe Desjardin will be seeking his revenge.
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