Friday, June 24, 2022

Eugene 'Boobsie' Castelle tries, tries again

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. That appears to be the mantra of Staten Island mobster Eugene 'Boobsie' Castelle. He's taking another stab at early release, his third. This time he's blaming his lawyer.

Eugene 'Boobsie' Castelle
A judge denied the bid of Staten Island mobster Eugene 'Boobsie' Castelle to cut his prison sentence, saying the wise guy has only himself to blame for refusing a plea deal and opting for trial. The soldier for the Luchese family tried to claim he misunderstood the deal. He decided the plea deal he rejected was what we wanted all along. Castelle faces between 30 to 40 months behind bars on a gambling charge. He is currently free on a $1m bond.

The mobster tried to claim a threat from Covid in jail. That claim was dismissed. Castelle was convicted in 2019 for racketeering conspiracy and running an illegal gambling house. In 2008, he had completed an 88-month sentence for racketeering conspiracy. He was sentenced to 77 months in a federal penitentary, a three-year supervised release, $100k fine and forfeiture of $188,955 in criminal proceeds. Along with getting a conviction against Boobsie the feds also showcased the inner working of the Lucchese family. The fed's snitch John Pennisi took the stand and testified about the crime family's inner workings and acting boss Michael DeSantis.

John Pennisi even recorded a mob initiation ceremony.