Monday, April 25, 2022

HA in the Dominican Republic spotlight - repost

Things over the past year have been quiet for the HA in the Dominican Republic, just the way they likes it. HERE. When Aurèle Brouillette was arrested near Puerto Plata 12 months ago the alarm bells rang for bikers on the run. Cops nearly caught David 'Wolf' MacDonald Carroll in the country.

See ----->David 'Wolf' MacDonald Carroll

Aurèle Brouillette is a heavyweight in the club.
The Dominican chapter was founded by Brouillette and Steve Rainville in 2009. Mario Brouillette was the youngest Quebecer to be a full patch at 23.

Steve “Tiny” Rainville

Mario Brouillette, despite claims of leaving the club, is upper management.

10 year anniversity party in Feb 2019 in Santo Domingo.
In Feb 2019, local cops got their hands on Daniel-André Giroux, one of Quebec's ten most wanted criminals. More fugitive HA in the country are no doubt getting uneasy about their once reliable bolthole.