Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Nicodemo Domenico "Little Nicky" Scarfo Sr.

Nicodemo "Little Nicky" Scarfo was a brutal and much-feared hitman and soldier who by 1981 became the boss of the Philadelphia Crime Family. Scarfo's "street tax" to operate in Philadelphia and Atlantic City was a weekly 30% of profits. Those who refused to pay were killed. Scarfo is described as a 'greedy, small-minded and violent terrorist who climbed to the top over the dead bodies of onetime associates' He died at a federal medical centre prison in 2017 at 87.
Scarfo was “a greedy, ruthless despot” who loved “wanton, ruthless and senseless violence.” Scarfo stood 5-foot-5 with a high-pitched voice. His reign ended in 1988 when he and 16 others were convicted of racketeering. Multiple rats sunk Scarfo. The men were found guilty of participating in a criminal enterprise that killed nine, tried to kill four others and participated in extortion, gambling, loan sharking and drug trafficking.