Thursday, May 20, 2021

VPD issue warning to dirty 11 - Your life ain't worth chit

The first men identified by cops were: Garinder Deo, 35, Harjit Deo, 38, Barinder Dhaliwal, 38, Meninder Dhaliwal, 28, Ekene Anigbo, 22, and Damion Ryan, 41.

Damion Ryan is a full-patch Hells Angel. He was the target of a botched 2015 execution at YVR. The Dhaliwals are Brothers Keepers. The Deo brothers and Ekene Anigno are part of the Kang/Red Scorpion group. New mugs are Samroop Gill, 28, Sumdish Gill, 27, Amarpreet Samra, 26, Ravinder Samra, 24, Joseph Whitlock, 28, and Min Zin, 21.