Monday, June 14, 2021

Daniel Kinahan's cartel under pressure

Italian mafioso Raffaele Imperiale, 46, has been added to Italy's most wanted list. He is a top level boss of the Naples-based Camorra. Italian cops have been seeking his arrest since 2016. They consider him to be one of the country’s largest drug traffickers. Imperiale attended cartel boss Daniel Kinahan’s wedding in Dubai, and is thought to be hiding out there. The DEA identified Imperiale, Ridouan Taghi, Edin Gačanin (a Bosnian drug trafficker) and Daniel Kinahan as the heads of a ‘super drug cartel.’ Ridouan Taghi is on trial for organizing seven murders.
The cartel is one of the world’s largest, with a virtual monopoly of the Peruvian cocaine trade. Richard “El Rico” Vega, 47, was sentenced to 11 years in jail for operating an assassination ring and laundering drug money. “The Rich One” was once a frequent contact of Kinahan.
Most recently Kinahan was formally served with a US racketeering summons in his Dubai bolthole.
It's the first time his security cordon in the UAE has been breached. It's highly unlikely Kinahan would voluntarily touch US soil. The legal matter is related to boxer Jo Jo Diaz.
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