Saturday, June 12, 2021

Heinous 'E-Biker' invades Skytrain with impunity

It was a cold and rainy day in the lower mainland and this 'E-Biker' was surely having none of that. The terd could barely push it and rode it on the platform. He then parked in front of the doors and didn't let folks pass. Amazingly, said terd is near famous and has been doing this for two years. Supposably this is an 'E-Bike' because it has pedals. Some say it's not an E-Bike if it can't be pedaled with a dead battery. It's said this $2500, 50+ kg unit won't move on a dead battery unless pushed. The issue is one of definition. Slap bogus pedals on near anything and a body ought to be able to drag it on Skytrain and over folks toes with nada problem.
It is our uninformed opinion this is an electric motorcyle scooter, not an E-Bike.