Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Old growth at Brentwood Mall - Shape Properties, John Horton

And what the bloody damn hell is this supposed to be? Welcome to http://shapeproperties.com/ vision for your future. No, we ain't making this up. Ancient B.C. trees come down, and this ridiculous PoS goes up. The brains behind Brentwood Mall is John Horton. (jhorton@shapeproperties.com)
info@lcatterton.com Shape Properties co-owns Brentwood Mall with Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan. They brought in L Catterton Real Estate, a US giant. jWendling@hoopp.com

Graeme Johnson, Director.

Darren Kwiatkowski, VP/GM.

Brad Stokes, director.

Simon Holwill, VP construction
"SHAPE challenges the norm, seeking to elevate the global standard for quality, innovation and future-oriented design."
info@shapeproperties.com, ghorton@shapeproperties.com.
The photo of an ancient spruce tree from Port Alberni is instafamous and created a global chitstorm. Propaganda says "The wood is used for high-end and specialty products such as fine furniture and musical instruments." We report trees like these are being cut down to provide for your ass's needs at Brentwood Mall in Burnaby by Shape Properties.
Slapped with a cheap stain, these rotting eyesores came from an ancient behemoth, surely over 150 years old. (something past 200 years, via ring count)
TAB@shapepm.com, eulalia@shapepm.com
Folks best take a picture, its a dying breed and its going fast.
Its said less than 3% of B.C.'s old growth forest remains standing. Your author believes these ancient planks are a design element, conceived by some dork because it looked good on paper. Revolting and too sad for B.C.'s old growth trees. There is no hope with capitalists like these making ethical decisions.

John Horton