Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Operation Trojan Shield - ANØM

Operation Trojan Shield was led by FBI agents and federal prosecutors in San Diego who created a closed-loop encryption cellphone service, called ANØM. Cops convinced trusted players already embedded in criminal syndicates to distribute the customized phones. They also approached former distributors of busted networks. Their strategy was an unmitigated success. 12,000 ANØM phones were sold and cops read some 27 million messages of top level criminals. Cops knew about shipments of cocaine stamped with Batman logos, cocaine hidden in tuna cans, cocaine in French diplomatic pouches and cocaine in frozen fish.
There was evidence of pending hits, 21 in all, evidence of corrupt cops and border personnel, and much, much more as criminals were brazenly unfiltered. The amount of top level intelligence was staggering. 6 cops have been arrested and dozens of officials around the world are under investigation. 14 were arrested as distributors
Three men are identified as the administrators for ANØM — Hakan Ayik, Domenico Catanzariti and Maximilian Rivkin. They were given control over customer service functions like initiating new accounts, setting up access for distributors and wiping devices clean. Rivkin was busted, the others are on the run. None of their lives are worth squat.Domenico Catanzariti