Monday, June 7, 2021

Oz HA president Angelo Pandeli - the “Aussie cartel”

Angelo PandeliThe Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission says nine gangsters make up the “Aussie cartel.” These are considered “the baddest of the bad” and represent over one third of the drugs entering Australia. They share supply routes, logistic supply chains and 'doors' through which wholesale quantities of drugs flow. They share corrupt communication networks, and that has resulted in a bust of massive global proportion. The men were not named, but it is no secret who they are. Comanchero boss Mark Buddle, Hells Angels boss Angelo Pandeli, Triad-linked figure Michael Tu, Mohamad Bousaleh, George Dib and Hakan Arif are the key members. An Adelaide bikie boss recently deported from Singapore and a Sydney logistics, port and transportation expert are also cartel members.
The cartel’s founding member is Hakan Ayik, last using the alias Hakan Reis. Ayik with Pandeli and Buddle are former warring bikies who decided to work together. Their empire has been annilated and their henchmen are being arrested. Comanchero bikie Emmanuel Vamvoukakis was busted in Greece with 4 others. Vamvoukakis, the Sergeant-at-Arms of the Comanchero South Coast chapter, was charged with four offences including trafficking.
Arrests and seizures started Monday in Australia and New Zealand and the operation rolled across Europe and into the United States. Over 1,000 criminals have been arrested. The FBI's operation sprang from the death of Phantom Secure. When Phantom Secure was brought down, its CEO Vincent Ramos imprisoned and its servers seized, its customers needed a replacement. Options included France-based EncroChat and Sky Global. Both have been shuttered. As they fell, gangsters raced to the 3rd option. It was called AN0M, and it was all FBI.
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