Sunday, June 6, 2021

Quebec supported greatly by suckers in Anglo Canada

Some provinces in Canada are defined as 'have' and are expected to pay equalization payments to those which are 'have not.' Based on this principle, Quebec surely must be a barren, toxic wasteland, ready to drop off the face of the earth without billions every single year in transfer payments from the rest of Canada. $13.2b this year in equalization payments, and that surely ain't enough as the cries only increase in frequency and pitch.
Federal politicos even have a nifty formula to insure fairness. "A province's Equalization payment in any given year is based on a weighted three year moving average, lagged by two years. For example, the actual payment for a province in 2013–2014 is the sum of 50% of its payment for 2011–2012, 25% of its payment for 2010–2011 and 25% of its payment for 2009–2010." Well that seems fair. 0, weighted and averaged is still zero. Billions, weighted and averaged, is, err, more billions. Whilst this open theft is going on, what happens if one displays a sign in English in Quebec? OMG, yer in chit now citizen. The language police will have you fined and/or arrested for being a heinous basterd.