Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Naseem 'Lil Man' Mohammed pleads guilty = 41 months

Naseem 'Lil Man' Mohammed, 23, who had been using the alias Mobert Ahmed, was sentenced to 41 months in jail for pulling a gun on two strangers in Seattle last fall. He was busted for 3 felonies including robbery and possession of a stolen vehicle.
He lasted 12 months on the run from Canadian cops. Once US justice is finished with him, he will be deported. Before wanted Brothers Keepers gangster Naseem Mohammed made a run for the border he dropped almost $30k for designer gear, including a pair of Dior X Air Jordan runners for $19,500. Informed sources say a pair can be had for less than $10k.
The fugitive gangster and terrible bad rapper started posting on Instagram to weigh in on the murders of fellow Brothers Keepers. He paid tribute to Jas Kalkat, a Brothers Keepers gangster whacked May 13, 2021. “Rest in paradise my brother, Gunzgang you gon B remembered brother. Everyone gon know what gunzgang really mean.”