Friday, July 23, 2021

12th anniversary of Brandon Vito Hughes hit - "I will be getting a restraining order"

12 years ago today Brandon Vito Hughes was whacked in North Vancouver in a well planned hit. Time and distance can make a difference in murder investigations. Those with information ought to make room for their souls and think of closure for Brandon Vito Hughes' family. IHIT File#2009-6580
Those who benefited most from Brandon Vito Hughes' death are the multiple Decotiis siblings that were involved in a bitter family feud over inheritance.
Senior sibling is Teresa Decotiis, who is crying to the cops AGAIN.

"Unfortunately, the police are onto you now, so remove my name and pictures from your blogs and internet postings. I will be blocking you from my email immediately and ask that you do not contact me again.

Trying to blackmail, extortion, extort me for money, and harrass me are on the police file. I do not know you, and I do not want you near me as I will be getting a restraining order against you. As the police are on to you!

I do not know where you are coming from, and people you mention in your emails and blogs are not people I want to be associated with.
cc: police/RCMP 2020-11-17 Constable C.R."
[48] At some point, Mr. Dipopolo acquired a one-third interest in a company called Liquid Zoo Holdings Ltd. On August 23, 2005, Mr. Dipopolo, together with the two other shareholders in Liquid Zoo Holdings Ltd., Messrs. Bruneau and Raffael, signed a promissory note for $350,000 payable to Amacon Management.

[62] Liquid Zoo Holdings executed a mortgage dated May 12, 2006, in favour of Amacon for the amount of $650,000. However, this mortgage was not registered until more than one year later, on August 10, 2007. Mr. Dipopolo appeared to consider the mortgage to be further security for Amacon's $350,000 loan to the three Liquid Zoo Holdings shareholders made about one year earlier, in August 2005.
The Dipopolo brothers are hired by the Decotiis to threaten and harrass enemies, including Brandon Vito Hughes. He thereafter winds up dead. 2 years before the hit Damiano Dipopolo and the HAMC enjoyed major league unsecured financing from the Decotiis for their HA expansion into Kelowna.