Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Wolf Pack gangster Clayton Eheler wins appeal on dope conviction

Eheler and co-accused Mathew Jordan Thieessen were caught with cocaine in 2014. Both were found guilty of trafficking. Eheler, a former Bacon brothers associate, was looking at 14 years, and a lifetime weapons prohibition. The case against the gangsters turned mainly on the admissibility of evidence from a search warrant executed in Chilliwack. The men were present in the apartment when cops busted down the door to search. Cops landed eight kilograms of powder cocaine and 1 kilogram of crack cocaine along with weapons.
Eheler, 37, is well known as a Wolf Pack gangster - a coalition made up of some Hells Angels, some Red Scorpions and some Independent Soldiers. Eheler has a long criminal history, now exceeding 45 convictions.
Clayton Eheler seen with a tiger somewhere in Asia in 2014.
“In short, the concern is with the appearance of justice, and the appellants have framed this ground of appeal accordingly.” There is no indication if the Court of Appeal ruling would be appealed, charges dropped or a new trial started.

ex-B.C. lawyer Fred Sharp charged by SEC, FBI

Five years after he was exposed as a major Canadian player in the "Panama Papers" offshore finance scandal, Fred Sharp is now facing prosecution in the US. He has had his assets frozen by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and has an arrest warrant outstanding. Sharp nicknamed himself "Bond". He is one of six British Columbians charged with violating anti-fraud provisions of the U.S. Securities Act.
Zhiying Gasarch, Courtney Kelln, Mike Veldhuis, Jackson Friesen, Paul Sexton and Avtar Singh Dhillon are the others. Sharp's company, Corporate House, created more than 1,200 corporate entities, making him the most significant Canadian player in the Panama Papers leak. Sharp and his cohorts could face up to 20 years in prison, plus five years for the conspiracy charges.
Avtar Dhillon

Sunday, August 29, 2021

Hells Angels hit man Dean Kelsie wins parole

A Hells Angels hitman has been granted parole after 18 years. Dean Daniel Kelsie and three other men were found guilty in the October 2000 murder of Sean Simmons.

Sean Simmons, right, and Hells Angels Neil Smith.
Simmons was gunned down in an apartment in Dartmouth on orders from Smith because Simmons had an affair with his wife. Drug dealers Wayne James, gunman Dean Kelsie James and Paul Derry owed money to Neil Smith, who supplied them with drugs. “An opportunity presented itself for that drug debt to be cleared, and that opportunity was the murder of Sean Simmons,” the prosecutor said.
Paul Derry is a career rat. As a paid police informant, he had immunity when he sold drugs and ran guns. He got a pass in 2000 when he was spared charges for his key role in the killing.

Dean Kelsie
Simmons was killed by a single gunshot to the head. Dean Kelsie pulled the trigger. He was convicted in March 2003. Dean Kelsie used Paul Derry’s .32. Derry drove the getaway vehicle and disposed of evidence, including the murder weapon. He went to work for the police, and wore a wire when he visited one of the killers in jail. Derry and his family entered the RCMP’s witness protection in April 2001. He was kicked out in 2011 after he wrote a book about the killing, appeared in a tv documentary and gave interviews.

Saturday, August 28, 2021

Man bites police dog - K9 bit him first

A 32-year-old man is facing charges after allegedly biting a Vancouver cop K9. Cops said a man on the DTES had threatened several people. He fled when police arrived, but cops had a K9 to chase his anus. "The suspect allegedly resisted arrest and bit Police Service Dog Mando, which was assisting in the arrest,” VPD said.

Rudy Giuliani not an alcoholic - likes scotch, high functioning

"I'm not an alcoholic," Giuliani insisted. "I’m a functioning, I probably function more effectively than 90 percent of the population." He went to splain “Never,” he said. “I don’t think I’ve ever done an interview drunk. I mean, I drink normally. I like Scotch, I drink Scotch,” he said.
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Thursday, August 26, 2021

CSIS hacked

The national spy agency says cops are investigating a cybersecurity breach that resulted in the theft of two files and the compromise of personal information. Very naturally the dopey spies are tight lipped when it comes to their own incompetence.

Victoria A-hole gets high def photo taken

A retard in Victoria is making it easy for cops as he was snapped in mid throw. A business owner snapped the photo after his sign was damaged by the man. Within a few hours VicPD took to social media to let residents know they’d identified a suspect. In another, unrelated matter, a golf club wielding retard is also being sought by Victoria cops.

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Al Capone's favourite gun up for grabs

The surviving granddaughters of Alphonse Capone are auctioning off a slew of the mob boss’s gear. A Colt .45 that’s been passed down through generations of Capone’s descendants is the star and will start bidding at $50,000.
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DB Services - 3rd world criminal builder

Owners of the vacant Danbrook One apartment building in Langford are suing the seller, builder, engineer and City of Langford for damages they claim were caused by negligence. The new building was evacuated days before Christmas 2019 and deemed too dangerous for habitation. Centurion Apartment Properties bought the 90 unit building in August 2019. Sorensen Trilogy Engineering (Brian McClure) was the structural engineer on the project. Design Build Services (DB Services) designed and built the property. They say Centurion should have done more due diligence, the idiots.
Remediation is said to be a minimum of $1m with Centurion losing $200k per month in lost rents. 28 serious concerns were outlined by Read Jones Christoffersen Limited Consulting Engineers (RJC). The building is not evenly supported enough to distribute weight to the foundation. This manner of grotesque issue ought never have happened. An engineer alleged in court that he believed the designs were copied from drawings his firm made for another building in Victoria, but weren’t “properly adapted” to meet the safety requirements of the new building.
The remaining residents of Danbrook One were ordered out by the owner, Centurion Property Associates Inc. The reason was obvious, a huge legal liability. No insurer on earth would bet on Danbrook One. The letter states residents must “freely accept and fully assume all such risks, dangers and hazards and possibility of personal injury, death, property damage, expense and related loss, including loss of income or property.” There are multiple building code deficiencies, in addition to the lateral system load. The building, when being constructed, was listed for sale at $37,970,000.
A series of shores have been installed on the second and third floors of Danbrook One. It appears the structure lacks multiple load bearing columns. The cost savings of NOT providing these columns would be large. A great deal of labor, concrete and steel reinforcement would not need to be paid for, with a corresponding direct increase to bottom line profitability. The temporary shores can only address concerns involving the gravity system. The lateral system load, if an earthquake shakes the structure, requires a far more extensive fix, one that shores alone cannot provide. A retrofit of that nature would be another never seen in this lifetime.
60% of the 86 units that had been occupied in the 2766 Claude Rd. building have vacated after the city warned residents of structural safety issues. Langford taxpayers have paid $400k for displaced tenants. When the city runs out of money ALL taxpayers in B.C. will be tasked for more. The gravity load system is below code and a "likely failure mechanism can occur with very little warning."

This operation specializes in rental buildings, meaning quality in their shit construction doesn't need to exist. Danbrook One is an 11-story, 90-unit building with 86 occupied units and was completed a year ago.
Residents are being told to get out after the city received a report confirming major structural issues that represent a risk to tenants. On Dec. 3, the city received a notice from Engineering and Geoscientists BC about an investigation into violations of the building code by one of it's members.Contractor was Victoria Construction. owen@victoria.construction. Owen Kelly.
Matthew McKayThese concerns were proven valid. The city was forced to revoke the building's occupancy permit. There are deficiencies in the building’s structural design and its as-built structure. The builder is DB Services, owned by Matthew McKay, partner with his mother Margaret McKay and with Gary Lahnsteiner.
Margaret McKay
There are some dozen odd buildings built by DB Services around Langford and each one needs an independent engineering report to determine the potential for danger. The city has already found issues in another DB Services rental property.

Your author has extensive building experience, including site management. NEVER have I witnessed anything remotely close to this offense. The ONLY WAY for a builder to construct something this bad is through intent.
Only through crime could the checks and balances in B.C.'s building trade be thwarted. The moral culpability of endangering people's lives is jaw dropping. This operation needs to be shuttered and removed from the construction industry in B.C. permanently.
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Monday, August 23, 2021

Kelowna RCMP swinette Lacy Browning charged

Const. Lacy Browning is scheduled to appear in Kelowna Provincial Court on Sept. 14 on an assault charge. During a 'wellness check' Browning dragged a handcuffed woman, face down, on a carpeted hallway before stepping on her head. A civil suit was settled, costing taxpayers plenty. Browning faces multiple other unresolved complaints.
This would be the third civil lawsuit caused by RCMP Lacy Browning. She has been on 'administrative duties' at full pay for an extended period.

Cartel leader Luis ‘Machete’ Santana arrested in the middle of his wedding

Luis ‘Machete’ Santana, 24, is one of the Gulf Clan’s top bosses and oversees operations in Antioquia and Chocó. Santana is responsible for coordinating the Gulf Clan’s assassinations, firearm supply, drug trafficking, and security teams.
Santana was making his way to the altar when cops nailed him.

Sunday, August 22, 2021

Gaslighting - Halifax mayor, police chief purveyors

Patrick Hamilton’s 1938 play Gas Light was made into the 1944 film Gaslight, starring Ingrid Bergman and Charles Boyer. A man manipulates and emotionally abuses his wife, inventing false narratives, altering her physical world, and belittling her accurate understanding of the real world until she starts questioning her own sanity. The rise of Donald Trump caused the term to be used to explain the political upturning of reality, where up becomes down, black becomes white, and where facts are invented.
The police raids on homeless encampments in Halifax brought a parade of gaslighting from all levels. Halifax Mayor Mike Savage swore numerous lies. Police Chief Dan Kinsella held a press conference and continued the insulting parade of lies, half-truths, and obfuscations that are gaslighting. He claimed "A number of protesters were also organized. Armed with sensory irritants and projectiles." Nobody witnessed this. He also said pigs didn't interfere with the press. That is another obvious lie, contradicted half a dozen times.
The overall thrust of this gaslighting is that the city of Halifax is doing everything possible to help folks but they are violent ingrates fully deserving to be beaten and arrested for their crime of being being homeless. If one is gullible enough to believe that, these men are heroes deserving medals.
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Avocado crime soars - 'Green Gold'

Avocado growers in Mexico are guarding against cartels eager to cash in on 'green gold.'
Rising exports make Mexico the world’s largest producer. It's a growing industry, with sales to the US bringing in $2b last year.
The rise in avocado-related crime has turned some growing areas into no-go zones, even for cops.
Mexico produced 1.09m tonnes in 2018-19, up nearly 4% from the 1.05m produced in 2017-18. Exports last season rose 5.4%. A sharp fall in the price of Mexican opium paste has forced cartels to seek new revenues. Michoacán state, which grows avocados, has identified nine cartels operating there. Hijacking truckloads of fruit exploded as did extortion of growers.
Locals say government response to rising cartel threats and violence has been minimal, if not nonexistant.

“It’s cheaper to buy a gun than to pay them a fee."
'Pueblos Unidos' or 'United Towns' was created about a year ago in San José de Chuén, Michoacán, to protect the community and avocado production. The group now has upwards of 5,000 armed members, supported by producers. The group’s strategy seems to be working. They no longer suffer theft, crime, or persecution as the cartels seek greener pastures without resistance elsewhere.

Saturday, August 21, 2021

‘Cocaine Pepe’ faces life in prison

Jose Francisco Arredondo, 32, pleaded guilty to possession with intent to distribute. Also known as ‘Cocaine Pepe’ he faces life in prison and a possible $10m maximum fine. Alice city police arrested Arredondo in the South Texas town sitting in a grey Jeep. Cops noticed a gun sitting on the center console of the vehicle. Cops recognized Arredondo as a gang member and convicted felon and he was toast.

Maria Licciardi - Madrina

Naples prosecutors describe Maria Licciardi as a true “madrina” – godmother in the Camorra syndicate. The crime boss, also known as 'The Monkey', inherited the role from her brother Gennaro when he died in prison. She has been more than a match for any male rival and is said to be responsible for 100 murders. Extortion, drug trafficking and the infiltration of public works contracts are traditional sources of revenue for the Camorra.
Licciardi was one of the victors in a blood feud between clans that left Naples littered with corpses. She has protested her innocence. “I am a housewife but I have always worked. I have been a shoemaker. I hate drugs and if I see young people taking drugs it makes me feel desperate.”
Licciardi inspired the character of Scianel in the television series Gomorrah.