Thursday, August 19, 2021

Halifax cops pepper spray 10 year old girl while rousting homeless

Halifax oinkers went hog wild on citizens near a homeless camp in the city. George Fagan’s daughter, Lennita, 10, was pepper sprayed. “You maced my kid, you maced a fucking 10-year-old.” the father screamed before he was pepper sprayed.
“I was scared, I was terrified because I didn’t know what was going on,” Lennita said. At one point, a cop shoved the girl. “That was the scariest day of my life.” Top Halifax cop, Chief Dan Kinsella, dismissed the fact his 'men' removed their name tags and harrassed reporters. He also refused comment on the fact 2 cops reported as "injured" inhaled their own tear gas. 24 were arrested.
The mayor of Halifax, Mike Savage( said he doesn't believe forcing people out of the only home they have by force is harmful. He ordered the violent cop home invasion against his most vulnerable citizens. Savage claims that people in tents had all been offered temporary housing. That is not what the displaced are saying. There are no shelter spaces available in the city.