Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Maria Licciardi buys 13 years - madrina

Naples prosecutors describe Maria Licciardi as a true “madrina” – godmother in the Camorra syndicate. The crime boss, also known as 'The Monkey', inherited the role from her brother Gennaro when he died in prison. Her blood lust has been more than a match for any male rival. She is said to be responsible for 100 murders. Licciardi has been sentenced to nearly 13 years in jail by an Italian court for leading a Camorra clan founded by her brothers. Extortion, drug trafficking and the infiltration of public works contracts are traditional sources of revenue for the Camorra.
The clan, based in the Naples suburb of Secondigliano, is part of a larger criminal group known as the Secondigliano Alliance, which controls much of the crime in the Naples area. Licciardi, 71, was arrested in August of 2021 while attempting to travel to Spain to visit her daughter. She previously served eight years in jail.
Licciardi was one of the victors in a blood feud between clans that left Naples littered with corpses. She has always protested her innocence. “I am a housewife but I have always worked. I have been a shoemaker. I hate drugs and if I see young people taking drugs it makes me feel desperate.”

Licciardi inspired the character of Scianel in the television series Gomorrah.