Tuesday, September 28, 2021

R. Kelly going away for a RICO long time

Chicago singer R. Kelly has something in common with mob bosses, leaders of the Hells Angels and El Chapo: he is a convicted RICO racketeer. Federal prosecutors invoked the RICO Act and R. Kelly is now facing decades in prison.

Friday, September 24, 2021

Beach House at Saratoga General Partner Inc. - Ralph van der Walle

Purchasers can walk away because Mike Fowler did not disclose the $8m judgement against him. It was his numbered company, ahuck, doh. The document was amended in August. (https://www.sedar.com/DisplayCompanyDocuments.do?lang=EN&issuerNo=00045174) Folks can get their money back, as long as they do it pronto.

Posts on Facebook disclosing the death of Mike Fowler are censored. That says this is a straight up scam from reprobates. Fowler was a principal of 'Beach House at Saratoga General Partner Inc.' along with Ralph van der Walle. There are no SEDAR filings of Fowler's demise, now 3 weeks later. Nondisclosure of material fact is a securities offense.

Mike Fowler
Mr. Mike Fowler dropped dead around Sept 11. In late 2017 Mr. Mike Fowler was sued successfully for $8m after buyers of the property he peddled found out only 33% of the 51 acres could be developed. His warranty breach came from a sale to SmartCentres Inc., Salmon Arm Shopping Centres Limited, and Calloway Reit (Salmon Arm) Inc. on Oct. 15, 2007 for $14.7m.

The plan is 29 units and 1 'caretaker unit'.
The 30 units of the 'Beach House at Saratoga' are drawing water from Black Creek watershed. In order to mitigate draw, above ground cisterns are proposed. The area doesn't have infrastructure for high density development. The boys tried for 36 units and were foiled. Sewage is septic drainage with facebook claiming a treatment plant is imminent.
The group's GC (General Contractor) isn't. Island West Coast Developments Ltd., a well established and respected builder, was shown on the development permit. They have indicated they have nothing to do with 'Beach House at Saratoga'. Without a general contractor in place (and building permit) these tards are whistling out their assholes.

Lot 1, District Lot 221, Comox District, Plan VIP76726, PID 025-897-977 (9022 Clarkson Avenue)
The approved development application for 9022 Clarkson Ave. HERE

The development permit says the project must be "substantially started" before March 30th 2022, 6 months hence. Boyos require a $10m+ builder's loan NOW. The claim to be 'sold out' is for the benefit of this lender. UNLESS construction is "substantially started" the permit will expire, voiding the contracts, and these tards will need to start over.

Condos are 10 to 15 feet above ground.
At a minimum, hundreds of steel piles need to be driven to an unknown depth, taking months.

Beach House at Saratoga General Partner Inc. was incorporated Aug 17, 2017.
Saratoga land was purchased from 1069585 B.C. Ltd. (Ralph van der Walle) for $1.5m (a $400k+ markup) There is a $800k mortgage carried at prime plus 6. 9022 Clarkson Ave. is zoned Tourist Commercial One. (TC-1) Owners may live in their condo no more than 6 months in a year. Capitalists require $10m to $12m to break ground and don't have it.
Terds are STILL telling the public their project is 'Sold Out'. We say not. https://www.saratogabeachhouse.ca/
While claiming condos are sold out @$700 (sq ft), cons listed 3 condos on MLS for more. MLS® 881336 for unit #28 @ $759k ($761 sf), MLS® 881337 for unit #23 @ $869k ($816 sf), and MLS® 881398 for Unit #6, @ $859k. ($807 sf)
"We are excited to announce that The Beach House is now Sold Out.
"We welcome our new owners and can’t wait to build something amazing together! Stay tuned for construction updates and The Beach House Resort updates. Giving you an opportunity to be one of the first to book your vacations here in 2023. Thanks everyone and we’ll be seeing you at the Beach!" https://www.facebook.com/saratogabeachhouse.ca/

Mike Fowler

Warren Stevenson
Saratoga Oceanfront Ltd. was incorporated in 2014. It was sued in 2016 for $762,384 by Liberty Investments Limited. 0907144 B.C. sued it for $151k. Saratoga Oceanfront Ltd. was dissolved in 2017.

"Can. Corp. is involved as part of the General Partnership Group developing the project."
How does a wood frame, 1000 sq foot, 2 bedroom strata condo built on piles in a windy flood plain in Northern Vancouver Island for $700k to appear (maybe) in 2023 sound? It doesn't matter because they are sold out. We pointed out to the promoter that claiming '95% sold' was impossible because that would be 28.5 units, and this is strata making half units impossible. The next day they claimed 100% sold.
9022 Clarkson Ave, Black Creek, B.C.


" Over 50% sold!"
Facebook May 5, 2021.

"Over 50% sold in ten days." Facebook on June 3.

"Only 10 luxury beach homes left! Priced from $729,000."
Facebook on June 10, 2021.
This operation is NOT connected to the established Cancorp Property Group in Calgary.
One of their projects is "Multi-family Lands (Salmon Arms BC)" One assumes that ought to be Salmon Arm, B.C.

Photos are stock and appear hundreds of times on the internet. These cowboys did NOT build the projects displayed in their promotional materials.

This photo has nothing to do with "Cancorp".
It's clear these confidence men a) have never built anything, and b) have no problem pretending otherwise.

The photo used for "The Summit (View Royal Victoria BC)" is "Coho Living" and that project was built by Omicron.
Corporate 'Head Office' is #128 - 6033 London Rd Richmond, BC. There is no historical record of any business ever being there. No business license applications, no unit sales, and that location hasn't been offered for rent. Unit numbers don't seem to go that high. The highest shown is #118.

The marsh is adjacent to Miracle Beach Provincial Park and alteration of the habitat to reduce mosquito breeding isn't an option.
Adria Cowan's family moved into their dream house near Miracle Beach on Vancouver Island in 2018. The dream became a nightmare. The area's summer mosquito problem has reached the point where they can't step outside. The Black Creek salt marsh near Miracle Beach is prime habitat for breeding mosquitoes. Experts say the increase is due to increased development disrupting mosquito habitats, and climate change.
'The developer' tried to unload 'sold out' units.

#28 9022 Clarkson Ave
MLS® 881336
(MLS was removed 8/24/21) $869,000 - MLS® 881337 (removed) #23, 9022 Clarkson Ave, Black Creek.
MLS 881398 Unit #6, 9022 Clarkson Ave. $859,000 - $807 per sq ft
"Why are u dragging my name thru mud.. Im not flipping anything.. im listing a unit in here on behalf of the developer Viet"
Stonehaus Realty Corp. 103 - 20353 64 Avenue. Langley, British Columbia V2Y1N5
Our gatekeeper liartard is one Michael L. Warsh of Nanamio. 
Real Estate Compliance & Market Conduct
BC Financial Services Authority
Tel: 604-660-3555 | Dir: (778) 725-0738

600-750 West Pender Street Vancouver, B.C. | V6C 2T8 www.bcfsa.ca

Cat theft getting ridiculous

Catalytic converter thieves in Vancouver are getting so brazen, broad daylight and witnesses with cameras aren't slowing them down. Scum are so practiced it takes less than 30 seconds for them to remove a converter that costs $1,000 to replace. Converters are money on the hoof for drug addicts. 1,189 thefts have been reported to VPD in 2021 so far, up from 1,060 in all of 2020. Claim costs are more than $2.3m.

Thursday, September 23, 2021

HA boss Joseph Lancia rejects plea deal

Joseph Lancia, 30, president of the Rhode Island chapter of the Hells Angels, rejected a plea deal from prosecutors that would have sent him to prison for five years. Lancia is facing nine criminal counts from two incidents. The main case against him came from a June 2019 incident when Lancia fired a gun at a truck driven by former prospect Richard Starnino. Cops have video surveillance of Lancia shooting at the truck. Smart guy Lancia could face more than 61 years in prison if he's found guilty of all counts at trial.
See ---->HA Joseph Lancia can't 'keep the peace'

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Vomit the Pasta

'Jittari i virmiceddi' is old Sicilian Mafia slang that translates as “vomit the pasta,” meaning someone who reveals secrets.

Barrie cops withdraw fraud charges against own

Const. Nicole Hankin
Const. Nicole Hankin, a 13-year Barrie cop, was charged with two counts of fraud over $5,000 and one count of possessing proceeds of crime. Her heinous offense? Teaching children how to skate. Hankin was on leave and was paid a little over $5,000 over a few years as a coach. She disclosed the income but was criminally charged anyway.
Barrie Police Chief Kimberley Greenwood declined comment on what appears a sick vendetta. She refuses to say why the "complex" investigation was in house and not passed off to external police.

Dennis Watchmaker has a bad day

Smokey Lake RCMP arrested and charged Dennis Watchmaker, 56, from Kehewin Cree Nation with a laundry list of charges after a man did a home B&E, breaking windows to gain entry. A release hearing was held and Watchmaker was released on conditions, despite also having outstanding warrants. By 9:00pm he was busted for B&E again. This time around he was "breaking windows and doors in an attempt to gain entry. Two adults and three children were in the residence at the time of the incident."
He was remanded in custody.

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Andre 'Blackman' Bryan - Clansman gang

Andre "Blackman" Bryan pleaded not guilty to leading the Spanish Town-based Clansman gang in Jamaica. Bryan's 32 accomplices also pleaded not guilty in one of the largest gangster trials ever seen in the country. The trial is being heard in two courtrooms and involves 40 attorneys and 43 prosecution witnesses. The gangsters are accused of committing scores of murders, conspiracy, and arsons from 2015 to 2019.

US whips em, whips em good

Scenes Sunday along the Rio Grande were sickening as horse-mounted Border Patrol agents attempted to whip migrants and used their animals to push them back toward Mexico. One agent is heard on video shouting an obscenity as a child jumps out of his horse’s path.
"Whip It" is a song by Devo from their third album Freedom of Choice (1980). The apparently nonsensical lyrics have a common theme revolving around the ability to deal with one's problems by "whipping it".

Cocaine Eyes

Various drugs affect the appearance of your eyes. Dilated pupils and bloodshot eyes are among the common effects of cocaine use. Cocaine makes your eyes appear bloodshot and watery. Cocaine causes blood vessels to constrict, which increases blood pressure. This results in bloodshot eyes. Coke-related bloodshot eyes can last anywhere from a few hours to several days after use. Frequent or long-term use of cocaine can contribute to a range of health conditions that affect eyesight. Cycloplegia, for one, causes trouble focusing on objects.

Monday, September 20, 2021

The cop car John Dillinger stole

The 1933 Ford V8 stolen by John Dillinger on March 3, 1934, from Lake County Sheriff Lillian Holley returned home to Crown Point for the first time in 87 years this spring. Dillinger escaped from the jail, taking guards hostage with a wooden gun, stealing two submachine guns and then the car to make his escape.

By taking the stolen car across state lines, Dillinger committed a federal offense, and the FBI began it's own manhunt.
The car was abandoned in Chicago. “If I ever see John Dillinger, I’ll shoot him dead with my own pistol,” Holley told Time Magazine. Holley died June 15, 1994, at the age of 103.
See ----->John Dillinger killed 87 years ago