Sunday, April 24, 2022

Yacht from £160m cocaine haul off Plymouth coast for sale

The Kahu was seized under the Proceeds of Crime Act last year, and will be sold at auction. It is expected to fetch £1m.

Six, including a UK man, were busted off the coast of Plymouth when cops seized two tonnes of cocaine. Andrew Cole, 33, pleaded guilty to drug smuggling. He is the last man standing after the others were acquitted. He will be sentenced on 26 May.
The British man and 5 Nicaraguans were arrested on the Jamaican-flagged Kahu, 80 miles off the coast, in international waters north of Guernsey. Cops estimate the street value of the drugs is over £160m.
The former New Zealand Navy patrol ship was transformed into a luxury yacht in 2012.

The Kahu had been listed on the market for a year and was sold for 1.5m euros.