Saturday, September 3, 2022

Aman Manj whacked - "lucky he made it that long" (revisited)

The anniversary of the Aman Manj hit is approaching without any arrests. UN gangster Amandeep Manj was killed in his car in the parkade of the Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel in 2021

Project Rebellion in 2009 led to the arrests of Aman Manj and several rivals in the Sanghera and Buttar groups. “They were hyper-violent and they were hunting the others for control, but also just for survival and to eliminate their foes before they themselves were eliminated.” Cops said "And eventually, when your guard is down, you get it. It’s not a matter of if, it’s just a matter of when. And, you know, the fact that he was 35 for a guy that was living that sort of lifestyle, he’s probably lucky he made it that long, unfortunately.”
Manj had a long association with gangsterism and the wholesale drug trade in the Lower Mainland. The gangster hit the headlines when he and Kirpal and Yasbir Manj were denied a $500k life insurance payout on his executed brother. Jodh Singh Manj, 31, was gunned down in 2020 after leaving a gym in a commercial complex in Mexico City.
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