Friday, September 3, 2021

Cops on the hunt for boss of Mönchengladbach Hells Angels

A big rocker raid in Germany has resulted in the police now looking for Ramin Yektaparast. The 33-year-old is the boss of the Mönchengladbach charter of the rocker club and is said to have shot another member in 2014. Yektaparast and two accomplices dismembered the body and disposed of it in the Rhine and the Rhine-Herne Canal. First an arm and later the victim's torso and head were found in the water. He began wearing a 'filthy few' patch after the killing.
Cops say that Yektaparast has fled to Iran. The rocker's Instagram profile suggests that he is in Iran, which has no extradition treaty with Germany. Ramin Yektaparast used to be with the Bandidos, defected to the Hells Angels in 2012 and then founded the charter in Mönchengladbach.