Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Cops on the hunt for HA boss Ramin Yektaparast - Update

A big rocker raid in Germany in September, 2021 resulted in cops hunting for Ramin Yektaparast. He is the boss of the Mönchengladbach charter. Yektaparast, 33, was born in Germany with Iranian roots. He is wanted worldwide for murdering Kai M., 32, using a sub-machine gun and then dumping the dismembered body in the Rhine river in the German city of Duisburg in February 2014. His victim was found piece by piece with the cops first recovering his arms, then legs, then his torso and eventually his head. Yektaparast began wearing a 'filthy few' patch after the killing.
Cops say Yektaparast has fled to Iran. The rocker's Instagram profile suggests that he is there. The country has no extradition treaty with Germany. Ramin Yektaparast used to be with the Bandidos, defected to the Hells Angels in 2012 and then founded the charter in Mönchengladbach.