Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Hitman Frédérick Silva sunk by 'Finder' - update

Frédérick Silva has brought his murder trial to a halt after he acknowledged the evidence presented by the prosecution meets the burden of proof. The 'non-contest plea' is rarely used. An agreed statement of facts will be presented to the judge.
A transit ticket discovered by police dog 'Finder' had Frédérick Silva's fingerprint on it. It was found near the Laval car dealership where Alessandro Vinci was killed on Oct. 11, 2018. Finder was trained specifically to locate items recently handled by humans. The ticket was purchased on the day Vinci was shot and a timestamp on it indicated it was used at 7:04 p.m. Vinci was shot inside the car dealership 90 minutes later. Videotape footage and photos of Silva using the ticket at the Square-Victoria métro station and getting off at the Montmorency station in Laval less than an hour before Vinci was killed sealed the deal.
Silva's weapon from the attempted hit on Salvatore Scoppa.Frédérick Silva, 41, is accused of three murders and the attempted murder of mafioso Salvatore Scoppa on February 21, 2017. Alessandro Vinci was shot in Laval in October 2018; Yvon Marchand, a 51-year-old drug dealer was gunned down in October 2018, and Sébastien Beauchamp, 44, a former member of a Hells Angels farm club was shot in December 2018.

The hit on Scoppa was partially foiled by his armour plated Camry. It was even rigged with flashing police lights.
Windows are 1 cm thick