Monday, September 20, 2021

Indian gangster Jitendra 'Gogi' Maan whacked in courtroom

Jitendra 'Gogi' Maan, 30, who ran a gang responsible for dozens of cases, including murder, kidnap, extortion and land grabbing, was shot dead in a shootout inside a courtroom in Delhi. Members of a rival gang disguised themselves in lawyers’ cloaks and opened fire. Police returned fire, killing the two gunmen. Gogi was facing murder and extortion charges.
Gogi ran the Jitendra Gogi gang which was embroiled in a feud with the Tillu Gang.

The conflict between Tillu and Gogi lasted years.
Cops managed to arrest Gogi in 2020 after one of his associates posted a picture of their trip to Starbucks on Facebook. The image showed three paper cups, topped with whipped cream and syrup, bearing the names Rohit, Gogi and Fajjie. Cops visited branches of the coffee chain, and eventually traced his location to an outlet in Gurgaon. They nailed him there.