Thursday, December 1, 2022

Attempted hit on Davide Barberio - Update

Souverain was already in custody on other gun charges.
Gahens Lee Souverain, 23, is charged with attempted murder in the Laval shooting of Mafia strongman Davide Barberio. Barberio, 42, was shot Sept 21, 2021. A gunman fired twice towards Barberio, using a 9mm with a silencer.

Barberio recovered.
After hitting Barberio in the abdomen, the gunman fled in a dark colored Honda CRV with stolen license plates. Barberio worked under Giuseppe De Vito, an influential mafia boss who was poisoned by cyanide on July 8, 2013 while serving time in a federal pen. Barberio left the Calabrians in order to join the Sicilians of the Rizzuto clan. His influence is significant, in May 2021 top Hells Angels David Lefebvre, Martin Robert, Stéphane Plouffe and Michel Lamontagne met with mafiosos Francesco Del Balso, Marco Pizzi, Davide Barberio and Steven D'Adario at the Prima Luna restaurant. New HA Michel Lamontagne celebrated his birthday in the company of some big names in Montreal organized crime. Lamontagne was charged with possession of a firearm and breach for owning a weapon after the pow wow. That charge was eventually dropped.
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