Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Benjamin Castellazzo - the Claw

Colombo underboss Benjamin Castellazzo, 83, is known as the “Claw” because he gets his hands on everything. His career in crime started in the 1950s when he was convicted for hijacking a carpeting truck. When he appeared before a federal judge in New York in 2013 to be sentenced on a racketeering charge he had seen Jesus and was a changed man.

“I have reflected on my life during the last two years I have been in jail since my arrest. I can tell your honor without hesitation, I am not proud of the life I have led,” Castellazzo wrote “ ... I can tell your honor in all sincerity that you will never see me before this or any court of law again.” He backed that with claims he lived in a trailer park and needed food stamps.
He was released from federal prison in 2015, but the feds came calling for the Claw again last month. This time he's in the slammer for his role in the Colombo's long-running scheme to take control of a New York City-based labor union. Castellazzo was the man in charge. He was denied bail and is currently being held at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn. Castellazzo has pleaded not guilty, naturally.