Monday, October 25, 2021

Calgary millionaire chock full of HAMC fear - perjury trial

Calgary millionaire Ken Carter testified he feared his former girlfriend during their lengthy custody battle. He claims she was connected to the HAMC and Red Scorpions. He is on trial for perjury. Carter and former Calgary cop Steve Walton were earlier convicted of criminal harassment. Carter paid Walton to hire current and former members of the Calgary Police Service to conduct intense surveillance on Akele Taylor. They were all convicted of criminal harassment and breach of trust. Carter was sentenced to three years for orchestrating the harassment campaign, which lasted months. He is appealing.
Steve Walton was sentenced to 3 years, wife Heather Walton 15 months of house arrest.
Walton, Cst. Bryan Morton, Sgt. Bradford McNish, along with Anthony Braile were convicted. McNish was sentenced to six months in jail, while Morton was handed 30 months. Braile, who blew the whistle, was handed a 3 month term, served on weekends. Also busted was Walton’s wife, Heather Walton, who worked as a civilian employee with the CPS. Police databases were accessed hundreds of times to extract private information. Cops even followed Akele Taylor while on duty.
Bryan Morton, Brad McNish
The appeal court found the disgraced pigs “used police time and resources in a campaign of harassment and intimidation against a Calgary woman and accepted payment for doing so.”