Sunday, October 31, 2021

Jonathan Sunstrum 'Mr. Bubbles' = 17 years

Citing the tragic consequences of fentanyl on society, a Calgary judge handed former city mayoral candidate Jonathan Sunstrum a 17-year prison term. The judge said the potential profit margins in fentanyl trafficking made harsh sentences an absolute necessity to deter potential wholesalers. The case involved a kilogram of 82% pure fentanyl, which an expert report said could have created 410,000 single two-milligram doses with a street value of $20m. Two milligrams is still a potentially deadly amount.
Sunstrum, 60, was the right-hand man to the head of the ring.
In July cops busted a fentanyl 'superlab' in Alberta. 13.6 kg of fentanyl, 11.9 kg of late-stage precursors 4-ANPP, 6.6 kg of synthetic opioids, 9.9 kg of methamphetamine, 50 litres of gamma-Hydroxybutyric acid and 7,600 kg of chemicals were seized. Project Essence began with a tip of importation of 563 kg of precursors.