Saturday, July 16, 2022

"Mom" Boucher old and angry - dies of cancer

Maurice (Mom) Boucher, 69, died July 10, 2022 in a federal penitentiary in Ste-Anne-des-Plaines, 40km north of Montreal. After refusing to be treated for months, he was recently transferred from the Special Handling Unit to a palliative care one.
Boucher became full patch on May 1, 1987 with the Montreal chapter. Boucher’s power in the underworld grew when he formed his own Nomads Hells Angels chapter. The Nomads chapter was dealt a fatal blow in March 2001 when almost all of its members were arrested as part of an investigation dubbed Operation Springtime 2001.
Michel Rose (sentenced to 22 years), Donald (Pup) Stockford (20 years), Gilles (Trooper) Mathieu (20 years), Richard (Dick) Mayrand (22 years), Denis Houle (20 years), David (Wolf) Carroll (never arrested). From left to right bottom: Walter (Nurget) Stadnick (20 years), René Charlébois (20 years), Normand Robitaille (21 years), Maurice (Mom) Boucher (life)
Boucher was expelled from the club in 2014. The decision was reached at a meeting of Hells Angels chapters. Sources say these meetings are forums for conflict resolution between chapters. Sources say the reason for booting Boucher was simple: he was no longer useful to the club and never would be.
Boucher never forgave his brothers for their betrayal.