Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Mostafa Baluch - ready to wheel and deal

Mostafa Baluch was arrested by cops in a sting on the NSW/Queensland border after his underworld colleagues turned. The fugitive spent 16 days on the run.
Former fugitive drug lord Mostafa Baluch was caught trying to flee Oz cops in a Mercedes parked inside a shipping container last year. He has begun discussing a plea deal. Baluch remains remanded in custody.
Cops had stopped the truck as it crossed the border and searched the container on the back of the vehicle, where they located the 'shocked and surprised' drug dealer.
Oz cops have more than 1,000 pages of messages that were sent by Mostafa Baluch. The self-declared gangster bragged extensively about moving hundreds of kilograms of drugs and building a property empire while using encrypted messaging app ANOM. Cops say they are closing in on Baluch.
Mostafa Baluch cut off his tracking device and fled from his $4m home in Sydney days after he got bail on a 900kg cocaine bust. Baluch was swept up in June as part of the AN0M raids. His home is now being seized by authorities. The fugitive faces life in an Australian jail.