Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum charged with public mischief

Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum and his 'Safe Surrey coalition' have sent out expensive brochures to Surrey homes even though the election is eight months away. According to the Criminal Code of Canada, public mischief includes “making a false statement that accuses some other person of having committed an offence.” A 5 day trial for the mayor is pending.
McCallum claims he was “verbally assaulted”. McCallum made a police complaint and a claim with ICBC for his injuries. Doug McCallum is 77 years old. The mayor of Surrey, B.C., has been charged with public mischief. The B.C. Prosecution Service announced the single criminal count against Doug McCallum. McCallum claimed he had been struck by a car driven by a woman with the group "Keep the RCMP in Surrey" in the parking lot of a Save-On-Foods store on Sept 4. He claimed he was ‘assaulted and run over’ at the pro-RCMP event. Video apparently says he's lying. The scandal plagued Surrey Police is his pet project. He has attacked "Keep the RCMP in Surrey" repeatedly, even banning the group from civic meetings with a court order.