Saturday, October 9, 2021

Shahin Behroyan - Stinking Cabbage

Realtor Shahin Behroyan has lost his appeal of a five year licence suspension for stealing $75k from a client.

Behroyan was described as crooked, corrupt, greedy, and using dirty money.
Shahin Behroyan had his bumhole in a twist when he sued fellow realtor Reza Mousavy in 2017. Mousavy outted the Teresa Decotiis/Behroyan $75k fraud, and among other things termed Behroyan a 'stinking cabbage', which seems pretty ironic as a few years later he was involved in the Haddad's celery root scam MEAT.c
In another ironic bum twister, the realtor association spanked Mousavy for outing the fukkin fraud of Behroyan.