Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Surrey police chief Norm Lipinski = $21,943 in overtime, so far

Oinker Norm Lipinski has hit the jackpot.
Surrey’s incoming swine chief Norm Lipinski is drawing fire for the $21,943 in overtime he's booked in less than 8 months. The new piggy boss has a base salary of $285k. Lipinski has billed taxpayers for about 160 extra hours, or close to five hours per week for his valuable services. The overtime revelation came from a freedom of information request. Had that not happened taxpayers would still be ignorant. Surrey Coun. Brenda Locke called the overtime payments to Lipinski “shameful” and “ridiculous.” Former West Vancouver police chief Kash Heed expressed his own shock at the overtime bill. “It is unheard of in the police community that a chief or any executive officer gets paid overtime. The practice is they keep a book and use that as time off.”
Surrey estimated the new piggy force would cost $45m but that figure rose to $63.7m. The final bill will be far higher and it doesn't take a genius to figure out that larceny is the problem. Opponents of Norm Lipinski (2 elderly ladies from "Keep the RCMP in Surrey") learned he uses a private email while doing public business.
They were threatened with a lawsuit on Aug 18, 2021. The cease and desist letter from Keri Bennett at Roper Greyell accused them of “unlawfully use and distribute [Lipinski’s] personal email address.”
Lipinski, while Deputy Chief on the Delta Police, hired a public relations firm for $43,666.88 of public money to “defend” the actions of Chief Neil Dubord’s wife on Centennial Beach on June 6, 2020. Lorraine Dubord was investigated for possible assault and threats after the incident, when she sprayed Kiran Sidhu with a hose.