Sunday, November 21, 2021

Anthony Billis

Billis was the sole director of both companies and his wife the sole shareholder.
In 2018 The Takeovers Panel ordered that Tribune chief Anthony 'Anton' Billis, his wife Phanatchakorn Wichaikul and other Tribune shareholders, including Sierra Gold, Trans Global Capital and Lake Grace Exploration, correct their shareholding notices for Tribune. The duo are partners in Northern Star Resources’ rich East Kundana gold mine. Rand’s forced sell-down reduced Billis’ voting control over Tribune from 59% to less than 50%. Billis lied about the ownership of the company’s major shareholders, Seychelles-registered Sierra Gold and Trans Global.

Michael Giovinazzo and Anthony Byron Billis. Terry Magee is one of Billis's underlings.
Tribune and Rand hoarded most of their physical gold from Kundana.

Croatian born Anthony Billis was sentenced to 29 months in 1996 for attempting to sell Rand shares while in bankruptcy, thus defrauding his creditors. Within days of his bankruptcy order Billis tried to sell a block of Rand (then Tern Minerals) to an associate at a deep discount. In 2018 Croatian mechanical engineer Franjo Bozic sought damages for fraud and breach of contract.
Anthony Billis was one of three who won a record-breaking defamation suit against Mr Terence McLernon in 2016 over defamatory claims accusing the trio of standover tactics and corporate theft. Mclernon claimed Billis, along with busted payday lender Oliver Douglas and former company director Paul Matich were corrupt. The highest-ever defamation payout in WA from Supreme Court Justice Kenneth Martin said that Mclernon dispensed “liberal amounts of poison”. One writ said it should lead Mr McLernon into prison.
Very recently multi-millionaire Billis won a court payment order from the retired RAAF veteran Mclernon. $25 per week is required to be paid.

Anthony Billis,,

Oliver Douglas - Payday loan scammer.
Threats from busted Oz conman Mr. Oliver Douglas. Ollie says I best leave Brett Matich and Anton Billis be.
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