Friday, November 26, 2021

HA associate Josh Hill - HEXO and Redecan

Hexo has denounced what it calls "false allegations" circulating about it and said it operates "at the highest standards of legal and regulatory compliance." Le Journal de Montreal reported last week that there are "troubling links" between Josh Hill and Hexo, one of the biggest suppliers to Quebec's cannabis retailing monopoly. Josh Hill is the son of Ken Hill, who amassed a fortune selling cigarettes on Ontario's Six Nations reserve before his death this year.
"Health Canada is keeping up with the news and following up with the license holders in question. The Department takes any notice of potential involvement with organized crime in the cannabis industry seriously.” Redecan was bought by HEXO in May for $925m. It had among its major shareholders the family of Josh Hill, who appears openly with members of the Hells Angels.
Joshua Raymond Hill was the sole director of one of eight numbered companies that were shareholders of Redecan Inc.

Josh Hill (left) with HA Dwayne Patrick Smith (center) and HA Joel Rollin (right)
One of Quebec's largest pot suppliers has just acquired a business linked to a close friend of the Hells Angels. Josh Hill is a major shareholder of cannabis producer Redecan, and his family are now shareholders of Quebec cannabis giant HEXO since the latter bought Redecan in May 2021. Hill (right) with HA Jason Hall
Josh Hill had an office at Redecan and was working there last week.
Current directors of HEXO Peter James Montour and Will Montour with Josh Hill.
The co now refuses to answer any questions.

Josh Hill with HA Dwayne Patrick Smith.