Sunday, November 7, 2021

Rat hit man reveals Scoppa brothers hit list

The hit man who shot the Falduto brothers, and who later became an informant, revealed that Salvatore Scoppa and his brother Andrea, paid him. He said the Scoppa brothers were of Calabrian origin and sought to eliminate as many Sicilians of the Montreal Mafia as possible. He revealed their hit list.
Liborio (Pancho) Cuntrera, 53 is the son of Agostino Cuntrera, a Montreal Mafia leader who remained loyal to the Rizzuto organization while it was under attack. That loyalty likely cost the elder Cuntrera his life. He was killed in June 2010.

Salvatore Brunetti, 69 is a longtime member of the Hells Angels. He has close links to the Montreal Mafia.

Francesco Del Balso, 51 was often identified as a member of the Rizzuto organization. On May 6, 2017 an armed gunman entered Del Balso’s home in Laval.

Giuseppe 'Joey Gator' Focarazzo, 46 has long been associated with the Montreal mafia. He is described as a street boss. Gang leader Arsène Mompoint, 47 was whacked in Kanesatake on July 1, weeks before the rat began testifying in the Viau/Dion case.
Antonio 'The Florist' Mucci, 67, came to notoriety in the 1970s when he was convicted of the attempted murder of reporter Jean-Pierre Charbonneau. Mucci was sentenced to an eight-year prison term in 1973.

Marco Pizzi, 51, is a key member of the Calabrians. An attempt was made on Pizzi’s life on Aug. 8, 2016. Calogero 'Charlie' Renda, 54, is the son of Paolo Renda. Paolo Renda was abducted in May 2010 near his home in Montreal and hasn't been seen since.
Vito Salvaggio was tied to both the Hells Angels and the Montreal mafia. He is thought to be a key figure in business between the Hells Angels, Montreal Mafia and street gangs.

Nicola 'Nick' Spagnolo, 45 was on the hit list and had been followed by people tied to the Scoppa brothers days before Spagnolo’s father, Vincenzo, a longtime friend of Vito Rizzuto, was killed in October 2016. Stefano Sollecito, 54, and his brother Mario, 50. The rat testified the Scoppa brothers weren't content with the death of Rocco Sollecito and wanted two of his sons killed as well.
Antonio Vanelli. Montreal homicide detectives showed up at Vanelli’s home to inform him his life was in danger . Hours earlier, someone shot 72-year-old Angelo D’Onofrio in a case of mistaken identity.

Gianpietro 'JP' Tiberio, 48 was discussed on wire taps by bosses of the Rizzuto organization. Tiberio was named at the Charbonneau commission into organized crime and hit the news in a tow truck scam in 2016.
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