Monday, December 27, 2021

Former Sonoma County Deputy Charlie Blount

Blount slammed Ward's head against the driver's side door frame. Another deputy tasered Ward twice. Blount then used a banned sleeper hold.
The jury trial of former Sonoma County sheriff’s deputy Charles Blount, charged with involuntary manslaughter after killing David Glen Ward after a vehicle pursuit in 2019, began in December.
Deputy Charlie Blount was fired.
Sonoma County has settled a civil wrongful death lawsuit for $3.3m over Ward's death. The county has paid out more than $10m in excessive force and wrongful death lawsuits over the past decade. Until recently, SCSO guards routinely engaged in 'yard counseling'. A group of armored cops would beat inmates of all races for alleged rules violations. In 2013 at the jail a white man who was arrested on DUI was tasered 23 times. That one cost county taxpayers $1.25m.