Friday, December 17, 2021

Giovanni Gatto - The Real Sopranos

Rocco and his family were put into witness protection.
“The Sopranos” took inspiration from the DeCavalcantes. The DeCavalcantes were eventually taken down in 2015 by a former New Jersey cop, Giovanni Rocco. Giovanni “Giovanni Gatto” Rocco posed as an outlaw biker in 'Operation Charlie Horse', which led to the arrest of capo Charlie 'The Hat' Stango and nine others.
Charlie “The Hat” Stango
It took Rocco almost three years to work his way up the ranks and collect enough evidence to ultimately convict nearly a dozen gangsters. The downfall of the DeCavalcante family began in 1998, when associate Ralph Guarino became an FBI informant in an effort to avoid a long prison sentence in connection with a heist of $1.6m from the World Trade Center. In March 2017 Stango was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison for conspiracy to commit murder. In 2016, Anthony Stango Jr. was sentenced to 6 years in prison. Between 1999-2005, about 45 men were jailed, including the family's consigliere and seven capos. With the decline of the DeCavalcante family, New York's Five Families took over many of the rackets in northern New Jersey.
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