Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Leon Cullen - 'Vile bullying gangster'

Leon Cullen made almost £350k from the supply of firearms, ammunition and cocaine between June 1 2016 to January 11 2018. He has been ordered to pay back his ill-gotten gains. He was jailed for 22 and half years after he admitted running a gun and drug gang. Cullen was a well known Liverpool drug dealer who became embroiled with more established gangs and started a street war. After a series of violent incidents Cullen was arrested in Dubai during an international police operation, and then extradited back to the UK. He pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply firearms, conspiracy to possess ammunition and conspiracy to supply cocaine. The Cullen brothers and their associates supplied guns and drugs to smaller gangs and sent henchmen to threaten anyone who owed a debt. 20 men were jailed for a total of 185 years.

Nigel Gerke bought 10 years.
Twin brothers Leon and Anthony Cullen grew up in the Longford area which became a stronghold for their gang. Leon was known to be the more volatile of the two thugs. Liverpool residents are said to be relieved after they were caged.