Thursday, December 23, 2021

Mexican Mafia gets it's man - 26 years later

It took 26 years for a Mexican Mafia death sentence to reach Donald Ramon Ortiz. A member of the Mexican Mafia, Ortiz was cast out of the gang in the mid-1990s. Ortiz, they decided, should be killed. For the next 26 years as he cycled through county jails, state prisons and brief periods on the street, he wore a target on his back. Ortiz knew he was a marked man. Authorities knew it too. Whenever they discovered a plot to kill Ortiz or he was attacked in prison, they’d offer to protect him. His answer was the same: I can take care of myself.
On Nov. 19, Chino police were called. A man had walked up to Ortiz and fired a bullet into his head, leaving him to die in the street.
Ortiz was dead by the time cops arrived. A witness told police that a man with a thin build, about 5 feet 9 inches tall and wearing a blue suit jacket, exchanged a few words with Ortiz before shooting him once in the head. It was likely a Mexican Mafia 'camarada', an associate who is not yet a full-fledged member. “When you’re deemed ‘no good’ by the Mexican Mafia, there’s no rehabilitation. There’s no coming back from that.”
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