Thursday, December 16, 2021

Pasquale Barbaro's murderers unmasked

Four killer bikies have fought for years through their lawyers to keep their names suppressed, even as they were found guilty or pleaded guilty to Pasquale Barbaro's murder. Members of a gang known as 'Sultani's Crew', named after Abuzar 'Afghani Abs' Sultani, killed Barbaro. Siar Munshizada and Abuzar Sultani are described as 'serial killers'. The cohorts in Barbaro's murder are Joshua Baines and Mirwais Danishyar. Their assassination spree that ended the lives of three gangsters took place in Sydney in 2016.
Abuzar Sultani
Barbaro was shot by two men after he got into his Mercedes. Sultani followed Barbaro until he collapsed and fired five shots in the back of his head as he lay on the ground. Nine hours earlier a detective had given evidence at the trial of Brothers For Life gangsters that suggested Barbaro had been involved in the murder of Joe Antoun. Antoun was a close friend of Sultani.
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