Tuesday, December 7, 2021

U.K.'s Aimee Patterson avoids jail for shotgun

Cops found a black bag containing a 9mm Grand Power pistol and a shotgun concealed in the garden of Aimee Patterson. Patterson, 24, was handed a community order after pleading guilty to possession of a shotgun. The judge said “She is 25 tomorrow, she is described in her psychiatric report as vulnerable. A shotgun was found in her garden at her house, it was not hers and had been put there by others."
"There are issues with her mental health.”

Kie Connor
Things didn't go as well for Kie Connor, 19. “Mr Connor, I have seen the photo of you in the balaclava holding the machete, and the various messages about paying for a firearm." He was jailed for 66 months and banned from driving for 33 months. Connor was seen on various Snapchat videos played to a court pointing a handgun and pulling the trigger, as well as filming ammunition