Friday, January 14, 2022

Brazil's Port of Santos - Cocaine World Trade Center

3 shipments of cocaine were caught on the same day as they were about to go to France, Spain and Ghana. All originated from the Brazilian port of Santos. In the morning, 562 kilograms of cocaine were discovered in a cargo of coffee heading to Le Havre, France. Hours later, a shipment of sugar heading to Ghana was seized with half a ton of cocaine. A container carrying orange juice and bound for Valencia, Spain, was found to contain 730 kilograms of cocaine. The week before cocaine was found in a shipment of plaster bound for Australia and in sugar packets heading to South Africa. So much cocaine goes out of the port that some even finds its way back. In January 459 kg was found inside an empty container returning from Philadelphia.
Much of the problem is pinned on rise of the First Capital Command (Primeiro Comando da Capital – PCC), a drug gang that dominates São Paulo. The PCC controls major cocaine trafficking routes, with the drug being produced in Bolivia and transported through Paraguay and Brazil to Santos. The gang’s main international partnership is with the ‘Ndrangheta. Other groups are active at Santos. In 2019, Europol reported that “Serbian organized crime groups are particularly prominent at the port of Santos.”