Sunday, May 8, 2022

Canadian gangsters whacked in Mexico - update

A third man has been arrested in the hit on Robert (Cong) Dinh and Thomas Cherukara on Jan 11, 2021. Mexican cops now say the men were killed due to multi-million dollar debt tied to guns and cocaine trafficking. Cong Dinh was a top level member of a Vietnamese organized crime group that operates in Canada and the United States. Mexican cops had characterized the murders as a dispute between hotel guests.
Canadian gangsters Cong Dinh and Thomas Cherukara were in Playa del Carmen at the Hotel Xcaret when they were whacked. A gunman dressed in a tracksuit shot and killed the two men. A woman was also shot but recovered. Cops said the killer had been walking with the two men minutes earlier before firing at least five times. Dinh was wanted for money laundering by the RCMP. Cherukara had drug busts, robberies, weapons and property crime offenses.