Sunday, January 9, 2022

Dutch 'color ban' unconstitutional

The 'color ban' is contrary to freedom of expression the Supreme Court ruled at the end of December. 200 municipalities that used such a ban must now remove it. Experts had long argued against it. "The way you dress falls under freedom of expression, it is not allowed for a lower government to infringe on this."

The deletion of the rule doesn't mean that bikers have free reign. Article 140 of the Criminal Code states that organizations that are irrevocably banned may not be continued. That includes wearing colors.
In the Netherlands there are two OMGs that fall under this category so far: Satudarah and Bandidos. Hells Angels and No Surrender are banned, but not yet irrevocably. Until a final decision has been made, clothing from those clubs may, in principle, be worn.