Sunday, January 2, 2022

Elderly wiseguys looking for 'get out of jail' card

Both men were put away by Federal Judge Maryanne Trump Barry — Trump's older sister — who said the evidence “fairly shrieked of the defendants’ guilt.”
Richard DeSciscio, 79, and Louis Manna, 92, have been behind bars since being sentenced to 80 and 75 years respectively in 1989 for racketeering and murder conspiracy. The mobsters are hoping the First Step Act will be their ticket out of the big house. The law allows for certain prisoners to be granted early release. So far, things haven’t gone their way. Last month release was denied to Manna with the judge stating, “His numerous crimes were extremely serious and heinous.” Manna plans an appeal. Manna was consigliere of the Genovese crime family. DeSciscio’s case before the same judge is pending.