Thursday, January 13, 2022

HEXO - the devils in the details - Update

If we ask ourselves who benefited most from the brutal HEXO deal the answer is obvious. Privately held Redecan. Two main names are brothers William Todd Montour and Peter James Montour, who claimed seats on the HEXO BoD for their grossly overvalued Redecan.

Michael Munzar

Trent MacDonald
The 4 men directly responsible for the offense known as HEXO have all left the company. Michael Munzar chair, gone. Trent MacDonald CFO, gone. Donald Courtney, COO, gone and of course directing hand Sebastian St-Louis, CEO, gone. Your author has concluded a) HEXO pulled a major securities fraud, and b) there is virtually no time left before current stakeholders get wiped out.
Sébastien St-Louis

Donald Courtney
The Redecan acquisition was something between 4 and 5 times too expensive. That was confirmed by 2 months worth of numbers. We have what appears a theft in the hundreds of millions. When HEXO paper closed below $1.50 (US) in November the co was required to pay $20m per month towards the note's principal. ($141m US) Co is forced to retire that debt in months and is losing $100m every 3 months as it is. HEXO is in serious, SERIOUS trouble, and time there is virtually none at all.

In a nutshell a purchase this bad screams non-arms length, a conspiracy to defraud in other words. HEXO reeks to absolute high heaven.
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