Sunday, January 16, 2022

Kinahan associate Ridouan Taghi fingered in escape plots

The lawyer for Ridouan Taghi denies he helped plot a prison break. Media reports indicated the crime boss hatched three plans to escape from the Netherlands where he is being tried for 6 gangland murders. Lawyer Youssef Taghi is a cousin of Ridouan Taghi and forwarded messages from Taghi to an unknown person. Cops arrested Youssef Taghi during a visit to his client in the Extra Secure Institution in Vught.
Taghi has been incarcerated in the EBI, the top-security prison in the Netherlands, since December 2019. He was the directing hand of the Marengo liquidation process, a series of underworld murders.
Ridouan Taghi is believed to be behind the hit on Dutch journalist Peter R de Vries.
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