Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Rongxiang “Tiger” Yuan - revisited

Rongxiang 'Tiger' Yuan, 58, has ties to the Chinese military and is considered by many a war hero in China.
Rongxiang 'Tiger' Yuan hit the news in March. It was revealed then that in the space of two days in 2016, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s riding association received almost $63k from Lower Mainland donors. Of the 41 donations, 3 came from directors of the Tiger Arms Ltd. Port Coquitlam gun store, including its namesake Rongxiang “Tiger” Yuan. Ke Xiao of Richmond and Peiran Yang of Vancouver donated. Another $1,500 donation came from Avery H. Chow of Richmond, who replaced Yuan, Xiao and Yang on the Tiger Arms company registration in March 2020.

Yuan reportedly made his fortune as an aluminum exporter. He doesn't live at the compound but entertains fellow Chinese there.
The most valuable property in Chilliwack is at 6500 Chadsey Road. A 16,543 sq/ft home with 7 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms is valued at $4.5m. Along with an adjacent property, the 11-acre compound is surrounded by two layers of 15 foot cedar hedging, between which is a chain link fence, above which are 32 security cameras.
Rongxiang Tiger Yuan was said to be one of the whale gamblers connected to massive cash deliveries at Richmond’s River Rock Casino and industrial scale money laundering at Silver International.
Yongtao Chen stepped onto the podium at a Vancouver hotel ballroom in 2018 and wildly waved a red Chinese flag. He had just accepted the role as chairman of the Canadian Alliance of Chinese Associations (CACA). The alliance is a pro-Beijing umbrella group that says it represents Chinese community associations across Canada and works with the Chinese state. One of the men in the room was Yongtao Chen’s partner, Toronto real estate tycoon Wei Wei. Three years later Wei walked on multiple criminal charges in relation to his marble-floored 53-room mansion in Markham. Cops described an operation with $20k per hand betting limits and a high-end restaurant with a maitre ‘d serving families with children in a landscaped courtyard. Cops believed that gambling and sex trafficking occurred in all 53 mansion rooms.
Wei Wei
Key players involved in the Markham network met with Paul King Jin, a notorious alleged loan shark and illegal casino operator who escaped death in a Sept 18, 2020 shooting. The botched hit left Jin’s associate Jian Jun Zhu dead.
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