Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Dominico Scarfo guilty of murdering Montreal Mafia leaders

Dominico Scarfo was convicted of the first-degree murders of Lorenzo Giordano and Rocco Sollecito, and was found guilty of conspiring to kill both men. Giordano and Sollecito, who were killed in Laval on March 1, 2016, and May 27, 2016, respectively. Scarfo conspired with Salvatore Scoppa, referred to as a 'deceased crime boss.' Scarfo shot Giordano five times in the head and neck while he was in the front passenger seat of a vehicle. Scarfo was an accomplice in Sollecito’s murder. It was Sollecito's triggerman that turned rat.
First degree murder brings Scarfo an automatic life sentence with no parole for 25 years.
Salvatore Scoppa was gunned down in May 2019 in the lobby of the Sheraton Hotel in Laval. Andrew Scoppa was killed October 21, 2019. Cops believe the Scoppa’s were involved in the murders of key Sicilian Rizzuto family mobsters including Sollecito and Giordano. Its thought the remains of the Rizzuto crime family led by Stefano Sollecito got their revenge.
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